Sales Model Optimization & 5-year Roadmap to Support Rapid Growth


Private Equity client recently acquired early-stage MedTech company. Value creation plan calls for the company to generate $50M incremental bookings by 2020, requiring ~40% CAGR.


Performed market segmentation to determine high growth areas in the marketplace. Identified ideal customer profile, to narrow down prospect universe to those with highest propensity to buy. Developed a coverage model to optimize CAC & LTV across all segments, along with 5-year proforma & headcount plan to meet stated objectives. Created buyer personas, buyer process maps, and balanced territories to support rapid, scalable growth.


Targeting high-value & high-probability prospects resulted in multiple quick wins. Understanding expected customer lifetime value allows client to know where to use lower cost sales channels.

Over 12-month Period:

  • $12M Incremental Bookings Growth
  • On-track to Exceed 40% 5-yr CAGR
  • 15% Decrease in Sales Expense Realized

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