Improved Data Utilization and Revenue Operations Results in 3x Revenue Growth Rate


A $200M Marketing Technology company was starting to lose market share to two up-and-coming competitors. Its growth had plateaued, investors, employees and the leadership team were frustrated and starting to churn at an alarming rate.


On-boarded two additional sources or market, client and prospect data and integrated them with the CRM. Created a more well-defined, multi-variable ideal customer profile by major product category, integrated with the CRM and drove compliance against all prospects and clients. Designed and implemented a stronger sales process with well-defined steps and stages. Improved the roles, cadence and deliverables of the sales operations team.


Overall revenue growth improved from 7% to over 20% within 12 months and stayed over 15% for the next 24 months.

Over 24 months

  • Win rates on net new opportunities improved by 40%
  • More than doubled sales productivity while sales attrition improved by over 35%

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